DonezoTheClown #racist #sexist

The shit trickles down, niggers and thugmaxxed arabs are taking some of our women so we have to get em in your country, I know you hate white people but niggers/hispanics/arabs get more pussy than whites from my experience. Just be in favor of ethnostates instead of crying about whitey all the time and this problem wouldn't exist.

Going SEA is emasculating, imagine you need to move out just for some worthless chink pussy.

Also this, it's greencardmaxxing and betabuxxing, it's pretty fucking pathetic.

"our women" lmfao your incel ass is DEAD to them. White nationalists are an embarrassment. And btw I am white.

Buddy if you can argue that "we're getting more incels because of feminism and yadayada" then I can argue we'd have less incels without all this degeneracy and communist politics. Not saying I'd necessarily get laid but the top 10% of incels? Who knows. Also wouldn't the same go for the "seacels" you care so much about? Aren't they DEAD to their women as well? Not very consistent my JBW friend.

Anyone who isn't a white nationalist in 2020 is a fucking embarassment, even if I was a nigger I'd probably respect them just from seeing the evidence that whites are being replaced.



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