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RE: Canadians Increasingly Pessimistic About Progress on Racism and Equity


Everywhere diversity is tried the stories are same. Just cut and paste the races/ethnicities involved.

You would think humanity would have realized by now that placing two or more races in the same living space is a bad idea.

The problem is Leftist agitation. If people are aware and accepting of individual and race differences, they probably can live peacefully together.
But if all poor or inept people are told that the successful are to blame, there comes the disaster.
Equality and Equity between unequal people cannot be reached.
Without the "racist" truth we cannot have peace.

Only one in four Black respondents said “opportunities for everyone to succeed” have improved over the past decade, indicating most Black Canadians believe progress on racism and equity has either worsened or stagnated

If you are born with a low IQ brain and inferior work ethics, then you will not be able to take advantage of opportunities to succeed. Simple and clear, is it not?

"Black Canadians". What an outrageous absurdity. There should be no such creature. What about "white Congolese", or "white Ugandans".

In the 1960s, on the cusp of the Canadian government (under the hideous Pierre Trudeau) opening Canada up to nonwhite immigration, the population of Canada was 98% white (yes, 98%). Practically all of the nonwhite 2% were either indigenous red Indians, metis (mixed-race) or Eskimos). And practically all of that white 98% was people descended from either the British Isles or France.

If they had not let the nonwhite world immigrate into Canada, what racial problems would they have today? A tiny bit with the indigenous - and none other.

Government loves to create problems, then clamp down on us to "solve" the problems government created. It is high time for us to follow Thomas Jefferson's advice, and nourish the tree of liberty with the blood of our tyrants.



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