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TIL Don King brutally killed an employee that owed him $600 and only served a 4 year sentence

I wouldn't mind killing, or at least physically harming, someone who owed me that amount of money and refused to pay me back. If I'm so kind to personally lend him money, and he breaks that trust, he's simply the scum of earth. People shouldn't get away with borrowing money and not paying back, and in many cases of personal debt the court won't do anything about it, so what's a man to do? Let someone walk all over you, or walk all over him, literally? Maybe I just have too much of a masculine lower class mentality with a strong code of honor in me to see the the big deal in this.

edit. just to clarify: Not everyone lives in a middle glass world with law and order. Some people live in a part of society where you have to take care of your problem yourself. And if you don't people see you as weak and will take advantage of you.

You are all kinds of fucked up. I'm also, just that it's people like you or King I'd kill without remorse.

What would you do in his situation? And let's assume that the court didn't acknowledge the debt and that he actually, as his sentence says, didn't mean to kill the guy.

I'll try to answer if you lay out his situation for me. How much did 600$ mean to him? How accidental was the death?

doesn't change if it was $10 or $100,000. I know that's hard to understand for a regular middle class guy. The thing is, he would never had made his career if he had an attitude of "just letting it go." It's a matter of principle. If somebody doesn't pay you back, you make a statement, otherwise people lose respect for you and you don't get anywhere.



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