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It's a myth that men were ever in charge in traditional relationships. Even back into like the 1800s and 1700s where we have contemporary writings contradicting this.

Earnest Belfort Bax wrote in the 1800s that women were basically in charge in domestic spheres.

He even talked about a media bias in the newspapers against men in family matters.

Another publication in the 1800s talked about how women were violent with their husbands, and how men couldn't do anything about it because there weren't any laws protecting husbands from domestic violence.

And then we get to today where women control 80% of marriages, and most decisions about where the couple lives, who they hang out with, what cars they drive, what food that eat, and even what clothes they wear.

Has it ever been a thing? It feels like it only happens in women's mock-medieval fantasy novels. Their porn literature. The fantasy of the guy in charge like 50 shades of Grey, is a fantasy precisely because it doesn't happen in reality.

How can the man be? Through the power of the very unfair courts, every wife is effectively holding a gun to the head of every husband. The laws build in an extreme power imbalance into every marriage. This is why no man should ever get married. It's a slavery contract. She can do anything she wants without consequence. The man suffered all the consequences.

Dude men in the US are trained puppies. I see it everywhere and in my family as well. And what choice is there? Society has completely gone berserk on man shaming.

I'd like you to tell me about any marriage (traditional or otherwise) where the man is 'in charge'...

I'll wait. 😉

Feminism: Equality, when convenient.

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There is a cohesive effort to stop Slavic groups from getting strong and grow positive communities. Seen this happen in my city.

What city

I dont want to be too specific but Western Canada.


Sad about Slavic suppression. We make up 25% in some provinces.

Ukrain stronk

Slavs are PoC. Don't take away our struggle in the racist AmeriKKKa


I thought Slavs considered Turks Slavs?

Why do you guys kind of shoo away Turks that lurk here

Turks are not European

And some Slavic countries want to go back to their own glories. So do Greeks, Albanians, Germans, Hungarians, Turks so we are constantly at odds because of that.

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He's a low iq monkey that wants to be accepted cuz be has a disgusting half slavic mutt child.

And its almost ironic, us slavs never colonized you blacks and even fought the nazis and yet blacks and people of color treat us like we enslaved and colonized them and take our women and label us racist. (Like you tico perfect example)

It really makes you think whether we were on the right side of history.

And thats precisely the reason if my daughter ever brought home a black man I would immediately disown her. Remove her from my house and cut her off completely finacially.

Interracial children suffer higher rates of identity disorders, grow up in dysfunctional households and have a wide variety of genetic disorders.

Lion + tiger = liger

Horse + zebra = zebroid

Cow + Buffalo = beefalo

Liger, zebroids and beefalos are all dsygenic creatures that suffer low fertility, low life expectancy and a wide variety of other genetic disorders.

African + Slavic is like trying to breed a lion + tiger = dsygenic.

He/She would be accepted by Poles. I have no worries

I promise you poles will not accept him. I know multiple polish women with half black babies, and the only accepting groups are black/social circles fully black.

Have you ever heard the 1% rule? If you have 1% black DNA your basically black and the only accepting groups are black.