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(Context: Still bitching over a fictional LGBT ship (Bumblebee) in a cartoon. This is actually considered one of the most important arguments among the RWBY Critic community, alongside the death and portrayal of an abusive villain.)

CardcaptorKatara: Yes its good to have more focus on the other teams, but I don't believe there is anything wrong with LGBTQ representation.

Ability-King-KK: There is when it's there just for the sake of a ship. Other shows like Legend of Korra, Steven Universe, and more recently Star vs the Forces of Evil added it just to pander as there was absolutely no build up or development to said ships. That's a sign of poor writing.

CardcaptorKatara: I'm not an advocate for whiterose but bumblebee has been there from the beginning. I don't any of this show has been written for the sake of a ship. Give me one example of whiterose? Because I've seen none. If you go back to season 1 and watch from there, there are many moments that lead up to the canon of bumblebee. It's subtle and its there. Good writing for relationships are written that way. I'm sorry if you have an issue with ships, but they will be part of any good story because that's human emotion, and it makes the story feel more real.

Ability-King-KK: At no point has there ever been Bumblebee. Blake has always shown interest in Sun and to think otherwise is asinine. Not only that, but Yang has been shown to ogle the other boys in their academy. Bumblebee was never going to be a thing until Rooster Teeth decided to pander to people like you, people who only care about ships.

CardcaptorKatara: Relationships don't need to be about people seeing someone and blushing or making eyes at guys. Also being Bisexual is a thing. I will not deny Yang likes to flirt and Blake had a thing for Adam in the past and at some point maybe crushed on Sun a little. Subtle acts are key.
Like checking to make sure someone isn't burning themselves out by constantly staying awake.
This was the very beginning of their relationship as partners, and it grew deeper than the whole rest of the team.
If you don't ship it that's fine. I don't care who ships what. I just think its ignorant to blatantly disregard any references to LGBTQ. This includes Ilia and Scarlet (Though I'm guessing you probably hate those characters too)

Ability-King-KK: Bumblebee is forced, unnatural, and only there to pander. It is not canon and should never be canon, so stop acting like there is something there.
As for Ilia and Scarlet...everything on Scarlet has not been confirmed to be canon and Ilia is another poorly written character thanks to Rooster Teeth's decisions.



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