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Their [sic] is no racial divide when it comes to policing. The faulty premise that blacks are targeted and shot dead is just as big a lie as the "Hands Up Don't Shoot" trope that is still, to this day, fostered onto ignorant folks who don't know better, but mostly onto folks who don't WANT to know better.

Willful impercipience is another cudgel that the media - DNC - BLM/AntiFa - Deep State insurrectionists know will help destabilize society so that these maleficent powers can attain total control by way of one party rule. The lubrication for the gears in this pernicious Progressive goat rodeo is the absolute existential hatred of the white male.

This is a generational conflict, because even your house pets, if they stop and think about it, know, that the inventions, medicines, advancements and ability to enjoy modern civilization, such as it is, is categorically with few exceptions due to the hated white male.

The destruction of our society, MUST begin with the destruction of the White Male, so the lies, legerdemain, deceit, agitprop conveyed incessantly by the Media, Hollywood, politicians, bureaucrats, plutocrats and kelptocrats who seek ever more power, must strike mortal blows at the foundation of all that is good and replace it with a new false history that elects idiots, followers of idiots and destroys the status quo in hopes of convincing those same idiots of a coming Utopia.

The truth is the truth and this has got very little to do with police brutality, you are being manipulated by evil forces who - sure - want whitey dead, but once whitey is dead, you will shut up and obey, or you will be just as fuckin dead.



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