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I've been somewhat suspicious of this 'bat infection' from the offset: as it coincided 'too much and too closely' with the crazed bastions of the Marxist left going into frenzy 'do or die' mode (they never would as they are hand waving cowards and nothing else) after the UK government under Boris Johnson won an outright landslide victory over the loony left, commies, marxists, establishment, elites and the money grabbing (whatever the reason) globalists (Soros etc) as the happy medium triangle of Trump, Farage and the Boris took them on and soundly beat them with the FULL backing of the real people of our societies, and not the loony snowflake authoritarian fringes...
Are they over-reacting to the cases and deaths of 'corona virus' which apparently we most of us have within us anyway, as part of our immune system, and simply trying to run down our capitalist economies?!?
Over the past few weeks we have known directly two cases of people and three others who people we know, know, but we do not know, who have allegedly 'caught' the bat flu virus and had to go to hospital, and have been declared as having caught either corona virus or Covid 19, and in each of these cases none of these 'infected' people have actually has any tests, blood or other, to confirm that YES you have either of the said named virus', but have been signed off as officially had the said infection..............?!? Hang on a bit!!! So if just a handful of people we know or know indirectly have been officially put down as having the bat infection (and go on the statistics lists that the fake news lefty mainstream-media pump out at us) then how many more of the said numbers they give us haven't even been tested?!?!?!?!? Sounds a bit dodgy to me - and I only have a science degree... Plus you have to make note of the fact that, even the 'honourable' NHS of the UK has gone further left wing of late... And how are the 'state' police handling things lately?!?
BIG BROTHER certainly is watching over us - whether indirectly or not...
Maybe it isn't the virus that is the crux of the problem here...........



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