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Good morning trans men have a better and more cohesive grasp on what masculinity is and how it's valuable and powerful than basically any cis man, and the conversations trans men have about what masculinity is and why it matters is so much more relevant than anything cis men say.

Me: What is it like to salvage masculinity?
Trans man: Describes a world in which masculinity is a tool of personal and communal uplifting instead of a bludgeoning weapon
Cis man: Uhh no more toxic masculinity lol

And to clarify, no one has any obligation to be eloquent or vocal about this recontextualization. But so often cis men have attitude that they can teach trans men how to be a man, when in reality they should shut up and learn.

This also all applies to femininity and trans woman, yes, but this morning I'm fucking feeling passionate about transformative healthy masculinity



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