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There are things that transcend time and ideology, in spite of all efforts to the contrary, and it is these that make us human. Sexual tension and especially love, that is to say all things relating to eros, are part of that transcendence. Eros is among the more mysterious and powerful forces we live for, or at least, we should live it as it is the driving force of life, creativity, and abundance. The world which we inhabit right now, however, seems devoid of this tug as it is devoid of the desire for life such erotic moments indicate are part of our nature.We have worked even harder than the communists did at designing an erosless world, a machine to churn out purely perfunctory artifacts, the purposes of which are, paradoxically, meaningless.
The transgender ideology is an attack on both masculinity and femininity. If the falsehoods of this ideology were actually true, transgender people would be in a half-human state. Neither male nor female, they would be suspended in some anti-metaphysical status—alive but not partaking in human being. They would be incapable (whether physically or mentally) to truly engage in a sexual act. Their self-imposed, mechanical celibacy is based on an unhappy turn inward. By electing a state that is neither male nor female, they have chosen the annihilation of eros.
One cannot quantify sex and eros. It is a relationship that is mysterious. To be sure, erotic acts and encounters have their own language and their own unique revolution. Desire is a form of turmoil, of unsteadiness, and of yearning. But it also has a kind of resolution in the life-giving power that it generates. But this revolution and resolution have nothing to do with the ordinary sort of politics and ideology that so engage our consciousness today. Eros, in the end, is based on human vulnerability, on the fragile balance between a man and a woman, on a mystery of being, and the relationship between lover and the beloved.



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