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Impeachment is a blatantly treasonous coup attempt, and the Democrat voters are being hoodwinked by the Democrat controlled media, schools, and tech companies. Let’s not forget there are some very wealthy and powerful people behind the Democrat party, few of whom publicly state their aims. They use subterfuge and deceit, as they are masters of deceit.

These powerful shadow figures are not like their Antifa pawns. They are deadly earnest, and they are going for broke. There is nothing they will not do to take out Trump, as he is a threat to their plot to dominate the world.

The Globalist plutocrats control the minds of millions of Americans with their control of the media, schools, and tech companies. They sit in the shadows and maneuver their Democrat elected puppets.

The actions of today’s Democrats are very similar to Hitler’s Brown Shirts. Both lie about the opposition, intimidate them, and use violence.

Yet, the globalist plutocrats are long thinkers, they didn’t want their game to be exposed, so they called their foot soldier thugs, Antifa, though they are the definition of fascists.