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The advantages of homeschooling are obvious. By educating our own children we avoid instilling into their minds the multicultural, multiracial, `equality` nonsense that is preached at them in schools and we also avoid the vile homosexual filth that they are exposed to as part of their `education`.
However homeschooling should not be judged merely as a means of avoiding the bolshevic indoctrination of our children but as an opportunity to expose them to an education which they could never have hoped to have received within the state or private sectors. We can give them a real sense of who they are, the uniqueness of their Aryan identity and instil in them love for their own race and an abhorrence for miscegenation, drug taking, homosexuality and general degeneracy.
We have the opportunity to create supermen and superwomen with a special and unique insight, a folkish Weltanschauung that nobody can rob them of when they are older but we must start this process whilst they are very young.
Subjects to be taught could and indeed should include the following:

Basic literacy and numeracy.[Much of what is taught in schools is unnecessary and confusing to children].
Basic geography.
Aryan history-in particular our pre history and how our nations were formed.
Ethnology and Race Studies.
Aryan spirituality and religion including Runecraft.
Aryan music-surely a knowledge and appreciation of the music of Richard Wagner is a necessary requirement?
Basic martial arts to enable both our boys and girls to defend themselves when necessary.
Survival techniques and domestic science-especially for girls.


The Superman cannot and will not be a socialised sheep!
The coming racial holy war will first of all be fought in the hearts and minds of our young and we cannot afford to lose this war if our race is to survive genocide and extinction.



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