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RE: [SuicideFuel] Teen girls at slumber party have powerpoint presentation rating sizes of guys penises.


duh. Foids being innocent flowers who are scared of the d is normie cope.

It really is. On a late night bus ride home, I once heard 3 JB talking about their escapades and from what I could hear, none of them seemed like they had any problems with the guys they were sleeping with. One of them showed a dick pic of a guy she was with and one of them exclaimed "that's like the size of my arm!", I was truly sickened. If JB are getting gaped that young, then this generations future relationships are already fucked up. Just look at Kylie Jenner having a sexual and intimate relationship with pornstar-sized Tyga, at 16! These are the women girls look up to. It's truly over.


"rating our dads":dafuckfeels:

Their liberal progressive dadies raised a bunch of whores

So gross. The absolute state These whores are subhuman and incapable of forming an emotional bond with a human male. They are nothing more than cumdumpsters. I have 0 desire to be with them in any capacity, honestly. They are unfit to be wives and mothers. I feel sad for the betabuxxers they eventually trap. Their children are doomed too Clown world

The hell dude where'd you find that shit? It's ragefuel ngl I'd choke those bitches right there if I was a high school Chad. Also, JFL those will be somebody's wife one day and will have kids. Imagine seeing your mom in these videos. I will legit go ER on her stinking roast beef. Too much for me to handle.



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