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They want us dead, for no other reason than because we're White.

You can't reason with violent genocidal insanity like this.

So get prepared, White people. Become fully capable of defending your very lives, the lives of your loved ones, and the lives of your neighbors. Violence is coming for us.

This person is calling for a genocide against white people

@Nature_and_Race it's amazing if it wasn't so sad how few Whites realize they are being targeted for genocide. Even worse is how many self hating Whites are aiding in their own racial destruction.

@DeplorableNPC @Nature_and_Race Actually, self hating whites must be the first to go.

@Nature_and_Race I'm seeing it more and more, nigs coming into the suburbs from the big cities and carjacking young White kids. I cannot stress the importance enough to always be armed and competent with those arms, otherwise we're just waiting to be victims of these animals.

@SoldierForChrist777 @Nature_and_Race suburbs are libtard strongholds.
They do not dare come to rural towns. You would think, a town of 1500 would be easy pickings for those big, strong buck niggers and slick spics to rob and take over.
They do not bother us because they would be dead in seconds

@Nature_and_Race Once we're gone, they will devolve back to their default state: canibalism.

@Nature_and_Race They are afraid of white people. That’s why we have a target on us.

@Nature_and_Race Good thing I started hitting the gym, then

I’m gonna turn some nogs into pretzels

After saying kill Whites in general he focused in a little tighter: kill White men so we can have the women and upgrade our breed.

@Nature_and_Race blows my mind,that moron is mostly white...this is what happens when whites go slumming and breed with animals.
I am ready, come at me and I will stack their bodies like sand bags.



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