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In the text "Terra Papers: Hidden History of Planet Earth" , the author Robert Morning Sky tells a totally original version of the story that we are used to considering "canonical": an incredible succession of events that embrace worlds and races of the whole universe , up to the point of talking about the human race.

One of the oldest described races are the Ari-An, a Star Race of reptilians , descendants of a common ancestor of the dinosaurs who have lived on Planet Earth millions of years ago.

The Ari-An, coming from the Orion system , would have created and consolidated over the millennia an empire of immense power, conquering entire planets thanks to unparalleled courage and ferocity, and subduing the conquered peoples through a real "reprogramming" aimed to the mind control.
The only real threat to the Ari-An dominance in the universe took place when another Star Race, coming from the Sirius system, enjoyed an unexpected evolutionary advance, thus coming to compete with the reptilians. The warrior people of Kanus , humanoid beings in the form of wolves, were able to seriously endanger the dominance of the Ari-An in the universe, making up for their cultural and evolutionary inferiority with an boundless ferocity and aggression : in fact, we read that these exceptional fighters even went so far as to devour their enemies on the battlefield.

These events then led the
Queen of Ari-An to propose a marriage with the King of Kanus, thus reaching a mutually beneficial political solution. Following this union, a temporary peace was achieved, during which Ari-An and Kanus also fight together in subsequent wars.



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