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In the text "Terra Papers: Hidden History of Planet Earth" , the author Robert Morning Sky tells a totally original version of the story that we are used to considering "canonical": an incredible succession of events that embrace worlds and races of the whole universe , up to the point of talking about the human race.

One of the oldest described races are the Ari-An, a Star Race of reptilians , descendants of a common ancestor of the dinosaurs who have lived on Planet Earth millions of years ago.

The Ari-An, coming from the Orion system , would have created and consolidated over the millennia an empire of immense power, conquering entire planets thanks to unparalleled courage and ferocity, and subduing the conquered peoples through a real "reprogramming" aimed to the mind control.
The only real threat to the Ari-An dominance in the universe took place when another Star Race, coming from the Sirius system, enjoyed an unexpected evolutionary advance, thus coming to compete with the reptilians. The warrior people of Kanus , humanoid beings in the form of wolves, were able to seriously endanger the dominance of the Ari-An in the universe, making up for their cultural and evolutionary inferiority with an boundless ferocity and aggression : in fact, we read that these exceptional fighters even went so far as to devour their enemies on the battlefield.

These events then led the
Queen of Ari-An to propose a marriage with the King of Kanus, thus reaching a mutually beneficial political solution. Following this union, a temporary peace was achieved, during which Ari-An and Kanus also fight together in subsequent wars.

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The Mantis race is a type of insectoid alien that lives on a semi-arid planet with very few wetlands, which according to recent research could be found among the stars of the constellation of Scorpio or Virgo.

There are three different types of Mantises:

Green Mantis (the most common)
Brown Mantis
White Mantis (at the top of a more important hierarchy)
A variant of the Mantis with golden rust skin also survives, but it seems that this color derives from a kind of mutation, a bit like our albino humans. Their height can vary from about two meters up to eight or even ten meters.

Someone claims that the mantises have had, since ancient times, a privileged relationship with the Jewish nation. According to this theory, it would have been the Insectoid aliens to designate the Jews as a chosen people and to plan the exodus to seek the Promised Land to pursue their dark ends. This "recognition" would be attributable to a particular conformation of the DNA which, among the various human races, makes it more suitable, thus simplifying all the experiments and the work they do.
Not only that: all people with an Alien Mantis Spirit would have Jewish origins. The Semitic writing itself would be of alien origin (like most of the forms of writing existing on our planet): it would derive from the mantid writing, then modified over the centuries to make it suitable for the human context.

Thanks to their telepathic abilities, the Mantises are able to manipulate the perception of reality of human beings and also conduct genetic experiments, hybridizations through the creation of human-alien fetuses, microchip implants for the psycho-physical control of the abductees.

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Who's Corey Goode
Identified as an intuitive-empathic (IE) - a person that has natural inclinations towards heightened emotional sensitivity and Empathy - with precognitive abilities, he' s one of the most important insiders in the circle of informants in UFO and extraterrestrial.

According to his biography, like other gifted children, he was recruited through one of the MILAB programs (a series of occult training projects implemented by the US military forces) at the age of 6 and gradually indoctrinated and trained to be "used" in some military operations.

Goode served in the MILAB program from 1976 to 1987 and, towards the end of his tenure, he was assigned as an intuitive-empathic support for communications between terrestrial and non-terrestrial, within one of the alleged Secret Space Programs (SSP) unknown to most part of us and born around the 1930s for the purpose of exporting our industrial and military system to our solar system and beyond.

Corey Goode and the Blue Avians

In recent years Goode has decided to reveal all the information in his possession: what makes him unique is his particular relationship with the Blue Avians, a group of interstellars who are part of the so-called Sphere Being Alliance, from which he would be designated as a delegate and intermediary between the various Confederations and Extraterrestrial Councils.

The Species of Blue Avians exist beyond the confines of space and time and would have visited the Earth for millennia, stimulating the spiritual growth of human beings and helping them to develop a form of collective consciousness that worked for the common good.

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According to conspiracy theorists, the so-called Project Blue Beam would be the most sophisticated program orchestrated by the New World Order, established to bring men of all nations, cultures and religions to their knees.

During an investigation into it, two journalists died in mysterious circumstances within weeks of each other: the first, a Canadian journalist, was visiting Ireland, the second, more well known, was Serge Monast.

Although, in both cases, heart attack was recognized as the cause of death, neither had ever experienced cardiovascular disease before and, strangely, induced heart attacks are among the alleged elimination methods used by the Project Blue Beam .

Before his disappearance, Serge Monast published incredible revelations obtained anonymously from "reformed" politicians, military and members of intelligence organizations and in 1994 he released an important interview in which he illustrated in great detail this occult operation. His intent to make people understand that the New World Order would not be the result of paranoia or mere conspiracy but a real satanic project

New World Religion is the starting point for New World Government: renouncing one's beliefs in the name of this new form of spirituality is a sine qua non for making people accept the New World Order.

This process will be based on an oath to Lucifer through an initiation ritual: those who refuse the New World Order are destined for concentration and re-education camps for which the classification "rainbow colors of the prisoner of the new world order" was created.
The rainbow is considered to be the symbol of the bridge that will lead to the satanic world of the New World Order.

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Was Jesus the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun?

There is no certain evidence on the real existence of Jesus Christ and even less on the fact that he lived in the historical era told by the Gospels. Ahmed Osman instead believes that the figure of Jesus is based on the life of the pharaoh Tutankhamun.

Pharaoh Tutankhamun, who lived more than 1300 years before the Biblical Jesus, actually favored the belief in life after death and in resurrection. Even in the room where he was buried there is a painting depicting his own resurrection.

According to Osman this idea (the resurrected savior) would be the basis of Christianity; the author claims that the followers of the Pharaoh would have kept their faith secret until John the Baptist started talking about the arrival of the Redeemer. At that point the followers of the Tutankhamun cult would reveal that they witnessed the Savior's resurrection (this is what they believed) and their words were taken literally and inserted into the Holy Scriptures.
Wanting to analyze this fascinating hypothesis, it is easy in any case to come across some similarities and coincidences:

the Egyptian Pharaohs were usually defined with the title "Son of God";
the figures of Moses and Joseph have been found several times by the historians of Egypt;
the image of the cross is also present in Egyptian symbolism;
"Amen" is often depicted in Egyptian images as "the Ram" (= the Lamb of God);
the Egyptians used to celebrate the winter solstice as the birth of Horus, their savior. The date coincides with that of the Christian Christmas;

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On December 9, 2009, just on the eve of the Nobel Prize acceptance speech by Barack Obama, in the Norwegian skies it was possible to witness a singular phenomenon that began with the appearance of a luminous globe radiating rings of light, which they subsequently assumed spiral shape, becoming white towards the outside and blue towards the nucleus of origin and then resolving into a sort of spiral "black hole" larger than that the moon.

Two independent researchers, David Wilcock and Richard Hoagland, have hypothesized that behind the spiral there is HAARP, considered a space weapon of mass destruction, since a very similar installation would be located in Tromso near the place where it is the luminous vortex was spotted: Hoagland points the finger at the Ramfjordmoen EISCAT facility specially designed to transmit powerful microwave energy beams into space and officially operated by Norway, Sweden, Finland, Japan, China, UK and Germany.
But that's not all: based on confidential sources, Wilcock revealed that Norwegian light would be part of the Project Blue Beam with a view to creating mass psychological conditioning aimed at creating the New World Order.
If all this were true, it could have been an effect created ad Hoc to try to simulate an extraterrestrial or "transcendent" aura around Barack Obama's Nobel acceptance speech, scheduled for the following day, December 10: although Hoagland, in his analysis, hypothesized that the Norwegian light may have been a warning to Barack Obama from those who use HAARP, it would be more likely that Obama himself was completely in agreement with the military using HAARP for the creation of the new global order.

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Felines Extraterrestrials or Felinoids (Homo Felidis, Homo Felinis, Homo Felis) would be, together with the Carians, one of the two primary races of our universe and form with the Canids, the Humans and the Shapeshifter Aliens the dreaded "Superior Hierarchy".
They would come to us at the invitation of the 12 Founders of the Universe.
It seems that, before time, as we know it, began, 12 highly evolved souls known as "the Founders" decided to create a universe in which to put into practice their evolutionary game called "Universal Game" or "Integration of Polarities": a theory that would describe the purpose of our universe (which is just one of several existing in the multiverse) and consists of the integration of two opposites, Light and Darkness.
During a subsequent phase of evolution, the felines who are great geneticists, brought their attention to that mammalian DNA and began a program of breeding and genetic improvement, creating humanoid-like mammalian breeds such as the Pleiadians, including a Pleiadian type known as Anunnaki, who respectively created the Syrians and the colored Homo Sapiens Sapiens, then all these types merged into the mixed terrestrial colony, that is, Homo Sapiens Sapiens. There were two lines, that of the more active and energetic mulatto red beings and that of the white beings, of a kinder and more introspective nature.
Both of these races took up residence in the planets around the Vega star in the Lyra constellation.

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The latest additions to the "PSS Alliance" would be a 6-9th Density Group of Beings, which no one had met before, called Blue Avians and belonging to the so-called "Sphere Alliance": a peaceful group of beings who brought assistance mainly in the form of a Message and that they would create an "Energetic Blockade" around the Earth and our entire solar system.

The Blue Avians, who, since 2015, would have chosen Goode as interlocutor, entrusting him with a role of popularizer and communicating with him through the Entities "Raw-Tear-Eir"and "Ka Aree" from the inner Earth civilization known as the Anshar, are part of the Sphere Beings Alliance together with the “Orb Beings”, the “Golden Triangle-Headed Beings” and two others who have not revealed themselves to us yet.
The Blue Avians refer to Corey as “Ra-Hanush-Eir” – a derivative of a Hebrew word which is synonymous with “Enoch” and roughly translates to “Messenger".

They are described as eight-foot tall creatures, very similar to man as regards the torso, arms, hands and feet but would otherwise have traits in common with the birds, including a short but very soft and flexible beak and the color plumage between blue and indigo. They would have no wings and would use sign language and telepathy to communicate.
The Orb Beings have been visiting many tens of thousands of people in the form of “Blue/Indigo Balls of Light” while others have been visited by the Blue Avians and given a “Greeting Phrase” to know one another by.