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( Seether95 )
Do you think it's too late?
Passing sex-based laws and repealing self-id ones is the only way to restore sanity. But in the Western world, do you think it's too late to do it?

( DonnaMme )
Yes but only if we, in the US, have a president who will stand firmly against transgender ideology. The tentacles of TQ are in the mainstream media, the government, schools, and almost every civil rights agency. DeSantis has been relentlessly portrayed as a bigot, a tyrant and on and on. He's blunt and many of his positions are problematic for anyone on the left, but I don't see anyone else who would stop this insidious credo.

( wildclovr )
I think there is no such thing as "going back". The real way I see this going in the United States is there will be all kinds of religious exemptions. Sex based rights might get restored in a fashion, but it will be remodeled and not at all like we once had.

( Seether95 )
What about Women's bill of rights in Oklahoma? What about states restoring the definitions of woman and mother to their biologucal context? What about states banning men from women's spaces ? Can this be a nationwude thing instead?

( RighteousIndignation )
Of course not, you can't deny reality forever, all this transubstantiation of the flesh rubbish will melt away in time as it no longer is seen as fashionable.

( 324B21 )
NO! We’re all in the shit right now, but like all other fads, this too shall make everyone cringe eventually. I really don’t think this is permanent.

( rightnow )
Unfortunately, I think the only thing that will restore sanity is when the "trans" kids grow up and develop major health complications that make it undeniable how false this all really was.

( pennygadget )
I agree. This madness won't end until hordes of detransitioners start suing and kids like Jazz Jennings start dropping like flies in their 30s and 40s.

( rightnow )
If poor Jazz makes it to 30 I would be shocked. What was done to that child was stomach-turning and the fact that the whole country watched and did nothing is sickening.

( RusticTroglodyte )
If Jazz ever wakes up, he will likely kill himself



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