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[Discussion] Are white women made to destroy human progress? (Islam copers, they are coming for you next)

What do you think about this, that white women are nature's way of destroying human civilizations. I know some of you will say Jewish, but almost all of those Jewish women are white. White women themselves are also hugely disproportionally feminist.

If we look at the biggest organization, almost all feminist pushes were by white women. Achieving a traditional family is hardest for our white brothers today than almost any other group (other than blacks for reasons I might post about some other time) all due to feminism. We can never have a virgin wife that our lives our joined together with in a loving relationship and have a family with, especially if we are sub 4, meanwhile it was possible back then. It's over for us.

Feminism doesn't deal with facts or results of how it actually plays out, but instead to emotion points that sounds good when they are argued without anyone fact checking them. That's why anyone who goes against feminist talking points are censored, silenced, getting bombed (like back in the day), and even today MRA groups having their meeting disrupted by feminists pulling fire alarms and even threatening to set the area on fire.

Now for all the Islamcopers out there who think Islam will somehow save the west (cope), you are no match for white women's destructive power.
Their infestation has begun.

TransscriptPanel 1: Twitter post by A1 Jazeera English
"[We] reread the Quran with a focus on gender equality. Religious institutions are patriarchal, so we try and challenge the structure from within."
The Mariam Mosque in Copenhagen is one of the first in Europe to be led by women

Panel 2:
The Grim Reaper, labelled “white women”, is knocking on the door of “Islamic culture”, having already slain “[?]ome”, “western civilization” and “conservative America”.



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