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If all you did every day was stare at the news cycle highlighted by the Patriots, you'd think there was absolutely no way we could ever see victory. Politics can have an uncanny ability to wear on you and tire you out after a while. That is one of the reasons I admire Trump so much. It's like he was born and designed to battle against them in political warfare. He is an absolute tank. Unmoving.

He's a stalwart.
If I focused every single day on how they might destroy our country, then that is truly all I would come to see. I will lose hope that the country can be saved.

If I, like David, focus on how powerful God is, I will throw my stone at the enemy and see Goliath defeated.
Every single other person in that army was focused on how big and ominous the giant looked. He was taunting them, loudly.

Isn't that what the enemy is doing now? Taunting those of us who see clearly.

But is that the real truth? I say no.

The truth is that God wins. That reality supersedes all other events. No matter what you are going through, it is THE truth. He is victory.
Since this part of the journey is specifically designed for the normies, I truly feel we have to continue to look towards God or else we become discouraged and lose heart.
Once this awakening has its effect, we need a revival like never before for God.

No amount of political strife can change many of these lost souls' hearts, but God can.
I happen to feel that all these blatant red pills being distributed by the "movie" is setting the stage for such a moment.

We could all use more prayer in our lives.

If you find your wings getting weighed down, readjust your attitude, set your sights on something more substantial than DC. There is a higher power far stronger than any cabal elite and He's making something beautiful out of all this chaos.



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