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Think about what would happen if they actually threw Trump in jail during the election cycle.

Trump unveiled just how corrupt the system was, as if he was a lightning rod, destined to fulfill this role. He caused an irrevocable change in me and millions of other people. Our eyes have been opened. And now that system is attempting to put him in jail, frame him for treason, and implement God knows what other schemes just to enact revenge. They were comfortable living in the shadows. Light has exposed evil. An unveiling. An apocalypse.

If they throw Trump in jail after all of this:

He'd look like a living martyr.

He is a man of the people, willing to take every sling and arrow to show people the truth.

Therefore, he truly is one of the most important politicians in American history.

What he started cannot be undone. It's like a domino effect that has repercussions unknown for generations.

If they throw Trump in jail, he'll become more than a man. He's become a symbol for the people. He's become an idea. His public battle has become a visceral tool of awakening millions of the otherwise sleeping masses.

Nothing they do to him will cause his mission to fail because this isn't about him.

It's about the people he represents.

The truth is inevitable.

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It's been difficult at times to feel super jazzed about reporting on the news lately except when the narrative boom comes along like with the Putin interview and the Epstein documents. In between the huge moments has been a dull: Oh look they are sending more of our money to Ukraine or more disheartening news about the border or Trump's legal persecutions.
Your money was being siphoned by the military-industrial complex underneath your nose for generations. The foreign wars we fought were shams.

This was clear to conspiracy theorists before but now this truth has become so blatant that many are joining our intellectual side. I mean they are now giving billion to an unwinnable war to literal nazis in Ukraine while Biden can barely complete a coherent sentence. Us conspiracy theorists told you President's were puppets but Biden has manifested this reality like no one thought possible. You can practically see the strings attached to the corpse of what used to resemble an idiotic person.

When you detach from the everyday happenings though, you find it almost miraculous that we have come this far. The country has inexplicably not imploded despite all that she's been put through. America still stands.

And so do anons.
2020 was years ago. It's 2024.

And the election is right around the corner. And God knows what else.

I take solace in the breadcrumbs that God leaves along the way.

Like the fall of Roe v Wade, the prophetic event of the Georgia Guidestones blowing to smithereens, and the massive awakening occurring around the world.
Don't let the draining news of today rob you of the ability to extract joy. Just think of how far you've come. We've all had transformational experiences along the way. God is using these hellscapes, these trials and He's creating a path forward. A proverbial parting of the waters. Onwards to an Exodus. A fall of Babylon. A great jubilee with hardened and tried and tested people.

We will make it.

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"Why can't we go back to the status quo? At least, we had comfort. Trump is too chaotic and wild. A man of war."

My response:

The previous status quo was nothing but war, hidden slavery, murder, the military industrial complex thumb on a world and people tell me that was a great time.

No, you simply felt comfortable because no one was challenging their power in a substantial way.

When Trump decided to push back against the globalist cult, he pushed for a real war. A war that actually meant something meaningful and good.

If you don't believe me, read the Georgia Guidestones, which now lies in rubble.

We are talking about a seismic shift. A pivotal moment in history. We were born to live in this special moment.

So, no, thank you.

I don't want to return to that status quo. I'd rather fight and believe to cross into that promised land than sit like a slave and reject the destiny that lay before. Not me or the many anons longing for a better world.

I choose real freedom.
Anon character has grown beyond what people can measure. Our patience is tremendous. We've been through a fire. Both personal and collective trials have hit us like rain drops pouring from the heavens.

Yet here we are. Still standing. Still believing.

Look how far we've all come.

We are an enigma.

History will look fondly upon the anons.

We've endured the precipice with knowledge the normie simply refuses to accept. That burden has made us tough as nails. Be proud, anons.

There's one way now and it's through. Whatever may come, that day draws near.
You came by the tens of million to become part of a historic movement the likes of which they have never seen before.

We are the only ones who can stop them.

They aren't coming after me, they're coming after you.

I'm standing in their way.
We are going to see this battle through to ultimate victory.

Trump is going to finish what he started.

I'm proud to be MAGA.

Proud to be a digital warrior for the bravest man I've ever seen.

We the People.


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Think about it like this:

We, as anons, have been desperately attempting to get the sheep populace to understand the core truths of our society and wake them up to the corruption inherent within. And now, during the precipice, we are literally watching corporations like Target hire Satanists to create their children's clothes, story time drag hours for children, the dismantling of basic gender norms.

It has become so blatant that you'd be a fool to not notice it.

They were always doing this behind the scenes but now the curtain has been lifted. Why are some so upset when this is exactly what we actually want?

The "movie" is red pilling on its own now with barely any help from us crazy conspiracy theorists.

The truth is unveiling itself like never before.

How do you wake up those who refuse to see the truth?

You make the truth comically blatant.

What if it became mind numbing apparent?

That's exactly what the author of this story is doing now.

You want to show how the President's of the past were merely inept puppets for the shadow cabal?

You want to show the world that Satanism in society is far more insidious and has infected the very core of most governments?

They are being shown every single day.

You want to show that our elections are rigged and our court system is irreparably damaged to the point of no return?

Durham and Trump are showing you.

But how do we reach the normies who refuse to see even still?

Maybe that's not up to us anymore. Maybe God and some more spectacular boom can only accomplish such a feat.
And what you are going through now is called the burden of knowledge. Ignorance is bliss. But understanding the truth causes you to feel pain. That pain is what will ultimately do an incredible work in you, if you let God move within it.

You are being made a rock solid diamond as the world witnesses Babylon unveiled.

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Consumption of constant negative outrage news, although important for the masses and further solidifying the red pill in MAGA normies, is simply an unfeasible way to live life through the precipice as an anon.

If you aren't finding ways to live life during this time in the peace of God, then you are doing it wrong.

Subjecting yourself to constant trannie mk ultra is not going to save the world.

Your outrage will only lead to despair if that is all you focus on.
The recipe for success is red pills and knowledge, yes, but then an overload of hopeful, wise, and faith-filled thinking.

I don't know who needs to hear this but the mass exposure of their trannie, child-hating, communist agenda is not actually a sign that we are losing but that mystery Babylon is unveiling itself like never before.

If the darkness reveals itself, like it has been en masse, then won't God respond in remarkable fashion?
Let the doomers ree and meanwhile I'll enjoy the show because I know nothing can stop God from accomplishing His spectacular plans.

I think too many of us are far too focused on the left vs right dynamic for this very reason:

Those brainwashed sheep are the exact people we are working to wake up.

They are not our enemy, the cabal and the demonic forces they serve are.
Oh.. And remember to go outside, put down the phone or computer, and take breaks from social media. Go spend some time in nature and notice how the birds do not seem to realize we are living on a precipice.

The sun shining doesn't seem to recognize the peril of our time. Perhaps there is some level of wisdom to having a calm, cool and collected demeanor in the midst of your trials.

A stoic Patriot becomes a rock in clashing waves.

You are that rock.

You and God are an unstoppable anti-outrage team.

Let all your worry go.

Even for just a few moments.

All will be well in the end.

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If all you did every day was stare at the news cycle highlighted by the Patriots, you'd think there was absolutely no way we could ever see victory. Politics can have an uncanny ability to wear on you and tire you out after a while. That is one of the reasons I admire Trump so much. It's like he was born and designed to battle against them in political warfare. He is an absolute tank. Unmoving.

He's a stalwart.
If I focused every single day on how they might destroy our country, then that is truly all I would come to see. I will lose hope that the country can be saved.

If I, like David, focus on how powerful God is, I will throw my stone at the enemy and see Goliath defeated.
Every single other person in that army was focused on how big and ominous the giant looked. He was taunting them, loudly.

Isn't that what the enemy is doing now? Taunting those of us who see clearly.

But is that the real truth? I say no.

The truth is that God wins. That reality supersedes all other events. No matter what you are going through, it is THE truth. He is victory.
Since this part of the journey is specifically designed for the normies, I truly feel we have to continue to look towards God or else we become discouraged and lose heart.
Once this awakening has its effect, we need a revival like never before for God.

No amount of political strife can change many of these lost souls' hearts, but God can.
I happen to feel that all these blatant red pills being distributed by the "movie" is setting the stage for such a moment.

We could all use more prayer in our lives.

If you find your wings getting weighed down, readjust your attitude, set your sights on something more substantial than DC. There is a higher power far stronger than any cabal elite and He's making something beautiful out of all this chaos.

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A person can only handle witnessing such heinous levels of corruption day in and day out for so long without becoming utterly fatigued and weary. The cry of justice only grows as you witness firsthand the evil that Babylon fosters and encourages.

There are few who know and are as acquainted with the reality of evil as the anon/independent journalist during this period of time.

Every pillar of that corruption has been systematically exposed like we've never seen before. Day in and day out, we watch and dwell on that reality. How easy it is to feel despair if this is all we know. It was far worse than any of us ever could have imagined.

How is the anon supposed to feel when everything on the outside seems to be saying that these giants cannot be removed in our time?

Without God, they would have every reason to believe there is no chance and maybe that is the point...

Babylon is so all-encompassing that only a miracle can truly deliver the world from her clutches.

Perhaps you are supposed to understand deeply. God woke you up for a reason, didn't he?

As many walk around ignorant as sheep, you behold the truth.

But a system of evil is only one truth, a fading one at that.

And when the truth of God's victory is put on display before all creation.

Will you not be filled with unspeakable joy?

You sowed your blood, sweat, faith, and tears.

None of that goes without God noticing and hearing.

You are given the honor of being awake in this generation and, although the burden may feel heavy at times, it is a beautiful privilege.

And when the towers of Babylon collapse before your very eyes, no one will be able to take away your joy as you look with awe at what God has done.

You'll know in that moment that all the heartache was worth it, just to get to that moment of finality.

You were witness to Babylon's deep corruption and God's power and ability to throw it all down in the blink of an eye.

God's utter triumph over unthinkable evil will be permanently etched into your soul.