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RageFuel Reminder that bullies get sex and relationships, while the bullied stay virgins

"Our preliminary research shows that they do have more dates but in particular the data is really clear for sex behaviour.

‘Bullies as young adolescents or as university students are getting more sexual partners and are less likely to be virgins than victims or people who are not involved in bullying.’"

The only way a non chad/chadlite can ascend is by bullying everyone, ie dark triad maxxing.

Its just amazing normies could publish these studies proving that the only way to get sex/gf (if your non-chad) is by exhibiting "toxic masculinity:,

yet turn around and make videos like this:

What Is Toxic Masculinity?

Kinda funny how toxic masculinity had no problem existing in a time when war was frequent, and death was just around the door for a lot of people, but now that everything's comfortable and hunky dory, its all of a sudden a bad thing to embody masculine traits.

If you need any proof that the idea of "toxic masculinity" is a farce, then look for its main stream female counterpart.

Oh wait, there is non. Wonder why

This right here is what happens when you give female's rights and embed the idea of "Toxic Masculinity, into the minds of the general population.




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