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An Australian MP has lashed out at gay people in a ridiculous rant, saying that “homosexual behaviour” from is responsible for suicides in the country.

Bob Katter, one of just four representatives who voted against Australia’s successful same-sex marriage bill just hours ago, also blamed LGBT people – who he said have only existed for a few decades – for murders. ? If that wasn’t enough, the Member for Kennedy in Queensland also accused gay people of killing children by donating infected blood.

Australian independent Bob Katter announces his decision to back opposition leader Tony Abbott to form government during a press conference at Parliament House in Canberra on September 7, 2010. Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard retained power by a tiny, one-seat majority after winning the backing of two key independent MPs in the first hung parliament in decades. Katter, who has previously compared equal marriage to being eaten by a crocodile, sparked outrage with the rambling tirade, both in the House of Representatives and online.

During his rant, the anti-gay politician said: “The people advocating this proposition tonight, the LGBTIs, have maybe 60 years on their side. “I have 3.5 million years of genetic programming on my side, because we human beings, they tell us, have been around for 3.5 million years. “One thing that is absolutely certain is that we’ve all developed from heterosexual couples.”

Katter, who has claimed that homosexual people stole the word ‘gay,’ added that “this country continuously has the highest male juvenile suicide rates in the world”. But rather than back that statement up with statistics, Katter blamed – you guessed it – gay people.

“There is something going wrong here. We have an extraordinary incidence of homosexual behaviour in Australia compared with other nations, and I think the people who have been speaking for this bill would agree with me on that,” he said. After mentioning two murder cases involving only gay people, Katter made the absurd conclusion that these kind of homicides were scientifically more likely.

“There’s no doubt there is a DNA thing there, and some people can handle it but a lot of people can’t,” he told the chamber, before implying that there was a gay conspiracy. “There is a very, very ugly side to this, where the curtain comes down and we’re not allowed to talk about it,” said Katter.

Another LGBT conspiracy, he suggested, was that gay people had killed children by giving them infected blood. “They wanted equality in the giving of blood. “They said, ‘We as homosexuals have a right to give blood,’ so they did, and I think 72 children were injected with AIDS from the blood that was given. “It was hushed up,” he told his fellow lawmakers.

Katter also repeated the ridiculous argument put forward by the defeated No side ever since the postal vote began in September, namely that boys would be forced to wear traditionally female clothing. “If you want to make a young lad between the age of nine or 10 and 15 go to school wearing a dress, you’ll seriously mess with his head,” he said. The politician asked: “Do you think seriously that the LGBT group are going to stop here?”

It doesn’t seem that they will. After all, progress is neverending. Near the end of his speech, Liberal member Christopher Pyne stood up to tell Katter: “Bobby, this is rubbish.” Can’t argue with that.



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