Various Incels #racist #sexist

(Fancy Alcoholic)
Female cop VS Tyrones (1 V 10)

A female cop. That's not the funny part. The female cop was supposed to deal with ppl using public water illegally in the street to play with it, blocking traffic and making noise. So, she enforced the law. Lol, nope. She says she "understands it's funny" and then begs them to stop. Her nice tone convinced them. JFL, nope, she got sprayed and publicly humiliated by some Tyrones.

Female Cop Gets Sprayed by People With Water Guns

The situation is laughable af, but the comments are so cucked it becomes METAFUN: "Boohoo, m'lady was nice, why are they so bad to her!!!"

Imagine being so bluepilled you think this could have ended differently. Thinking you can reason a crowd of delinquants literaly commiting an offense in front of a cop without giving a shit. Those normie bluepilled fuck are so bad at understanding human nature I still don't know how comes the darwinian evolution didn't get us rid of their genes.

(trying to ascend)
Female cops JFL, they always need a male cop to do her job, they can't do their jobs alone. Instead of hiring a female cope who waste the time of male copes, why don't they just hire only male cops? Oh, muh equality

Worthless foid cop: check. Niggers being niggers: check. Police disrespected: check

You can't have the weak gender deal with anything, she gets no respect at all from these thugs. Should've sent men to do this job and have her prepare coffees. Just lol at the disrespect, just lol at her falling and just lol at niggers.



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