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[From "A War Against Bavarians in the Future is Looming"]

The Bavarians, while of the most culturally sophisticated of German peoples, are once again proving great disappointment to us Prussians

As much as I dislike the Notion of going to war against them, a lot of the activities and data we have been collecting from the region has been demonstrating this to be a very strong possibility for the future of Germany, if it ever is going to have one at all

If not to go to war against them, we must in some way suppress them heavily, to a point where we render them impotent in many German affairs, to cut their limbs from any kind of Political or Militaristic involvement, or say, to be relegated among themselves in a unique arrangement in part of the German Whole

Bavarians are creating great problems, and are of the most Democratic of Germans

A lot of citizens in this part of Germany are what can only be described as having Menacing ideas and values that are Anti-German in any respect, and cannot be tolerated

We have not been on good terms with Bavarians in the past, but it seems that we are on even less friendly terms with them in Modern Times

If need be, we will have to use brute force on them and enact cruelty to keep them in place

In Essence, we are also at war with any Germans who still support Democracy and the Federal German Republic, whether they realize that they are mistaken or not

Every German who defends Democracy is an enemy of the German Reich and Fatherland



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