Dean T. Olson #fundie

[From part of a series of articles called "God, Guns and America in the End Time - Gun Facts and What the Bible Says":]

In line with their globalist impulses - impulses that coincide with the preparatory steps necessary to usher in the one world empire of the antichrist after the rapture - liberals also push the false narrative that America is an extremely violent nation that leads the world in murders due to the wide availability of guns. The goal of this lie is two-fold; to shame fence-sitters who haven't yet bought into the gun grabber deception that America is the most violent nation on earth due to guns, and to denigrate a nation they despise.


The gun control impulse is at odds with God's truth in the Bible. It is yet another sign of the movement of many Americans away from Gods truths toward unrepentant sin in our increasingly secular, pagan culture.


Before America's breathtaking decline at the hands of the secular progressive/liberals, which is nothing more than a morally bankrupt, arrogant multicultural elite, this issue never came up. Since we have become a morally fallen nation, we had to replace personal responsibility with legislation to control our behavior. This approach invariably treats the symptom, not the cause, and gun control is no exception. That is why study after study documents those nations with strict gun control laws have substantially higher murder rates than those who do not.



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