Various TERFs #transphobia

That was one of the things that stood out so starkly in the TERF Wars video. All the women looked like normal human beings. The TIMs look like pornified stereotypes. Being a woman = being pretty/hot/sexy to them. They used to claim that they were so performative because of ‘hate keeping’ requirements. Now there is no gate keeping and they’re more pornified than ever. I don’t expect any better from men, but I’m stunned so many women fail to see this and be insulted by it.


It's not just about looking better, it's also about looking female. You could take the most beautiful no make up TIM and you'd still be able to clock him immediately because of his body shape compared to the average woman's bodyshape.

yeah thats what gets me, this idea that a man could ever somehow look more feminine than an actual woman. The butchest butch looks more feminine than the most dolled up TiM because SHE'S ACTUALLY A WOMAN.


I've honestly never seen a TiM I would describe as "beautiful" (or any male, for that matter).

I find men pretending to be women skin-crawlingly awful, whether they’re the usual Yaniv-standard fugly or the uncanny-valley White variety. There’s no beauty in any of them. They’re caricatures, grotesques. They have well and truly earned the label “pigs in wigs” whatever the rules here say about us using it.



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