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(In the talk page of the article "White genocide conspiracy theory")

Is it a "conspiracy" if it is not a secret?

Throughout the years many anti-White activists have openly said that the goal of their activism to get more non-Whites into White majority countries, integrating White communities and promoting interracial breeding to Whites is to eliminate the White race from existence. Basically they want every White majority population in the world to become some sort of mocha brown population and White people to no longer exit. It's been out in the open, completely admitted and even championed as some sort of great advancement in human civilisation.

The definition of a "conspiracy" is a secret plan...but the program to eliminate the White race from existence has been anything but secret. It's promoters have been shouting from the hills about how wonderful it will be when there are no more White people on Earth. It in no way meets the definition of a "conspiracy" when it has been so completely out in the open.



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