Matt Walsh #wingnut

How would Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers respond to our government right now? And, obviously, the answer is they would violently overthrow it. Like, if our Founding Fathers were on the scene right now, January 6th would be a wakj in the park. It would be a picnic compared to what they would do. And they wouldn't even think about it. Like, if Thomas Jefferson came back from the dead and looked at our government now, he would turn to us, the citizens, and say, what are you people doing? You haven't invaded Washington yet and killed all these people? What are you waiting for? What's the problem here? What's the holdup, folks?

Just taxes alone. Alright? Not even taking everything else into account -- the giant behemoth central government which is, by the way, far larger and more powerful and more invasive than the government that the Founders rebelled against. They had significantly more freedom than we do now. It's not even close, actually… These guys rebelled over a tax on tea… think about that. A tax on tea. Well, we have -- we have taxes on tea. You know, if you go buy a Snapple or something, it's gonna be taxed. But we have a tax on literally everything. You wake up in the morning and you turn on your light, and you're already getting taxed, okay? You can't even get out of your bedroom before the taxes set in. You go into your kitchen and you pour your taxed coffee into your taxed mug, or if you prefer tea, that'll be taxed too. And you get in your car, which is taxed, and it's running on gasoline, which is taxed. And you get onto the highway that you pay a toll to even get on the highway in the first place, and you go to work. And you're getting taxed just to work. Your income is taxed before you even get your hands on it.

Thomas Jefferson would not even consider putting up with this. There'd be nothing to talk about. He'd be calling for an armed rebellion and insisting that the IRS building be -- be torched to the ground. That's what he would say. Like, that's the lineage of our country. These are the men who founded our country. That's the attitude they had. They weren't shy about violence, obviously. And they were much more, perhaps, we would say liberal in its application -- liberal, understood it in a different way -- than we are today. Just the fact of the matter.



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