AGTG #fundie

If you notice in the media, which I don't recommend watching much of as a Christian, you will see lots of depictions of women popping their cellphone into their back pocket. By extension, you see it in the every day world. It does appear to be something the enemy wants women to do, but it's worth noting the proximity of such a thing to a woman's reproductive organs. We have no idea what kind of influence those electro-magnetic waves have, but the fact that the media, which is run by the enemy, is trying to guide the world to do this should indicate it's probably not a good idea.

So... I suppose I agree with your assertion. The next question should be what do we do as Christians when God exposes such plans of the enemy. The answer, of course, is pray! And pray big, because the power and authority of Christ Jesus seated at the right hand of Father God above every principality and power in heaven and on earth is tops. And that authority will come forth when we pray Father God's will down here on earth.



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