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[From "Putting the Genie Back in the Bottle"]

It appears as if the Establishment has been turning against antifa, BLM, and the crazed cat ladies. The Right has long noted just how easily many antifa members were getting off[…]especially when compared to Dissident Right activists[…]There has been an uptick in antifa rioters not just being arrested, but also surprisingly convicted
Why the sudden change from the Establishment?
Scenario 1: They Fear the Gulag
There is an old Jewish legend called The Golem of Prague[…]fear that they will create something to punish the antisemites that will eventually turn on them[…]It allows us to understand the Jewish hand in leftwing movements, while not portraying Jews as the puppet masters of everything we dislike
Stalin is a very good example of this phenomenon[…]He took on a Jewish ideology[…]In the mind of Stalin, the Jews were capitalist devils and, when in power, he acted accordingly
Scenario 2: Heritage America is Broken
In this scenario, the reason why they are reigning in their troops is because they now think Heritage America is totally broken and antifa/BLM are no longer needed. This scenario is frightening because it means what happened in the summer of 2020 worked[…]Interestingly, the last state flag to incorporate the Confederate Battle Flag was removed in 2020
They are being eliminated more as a precaution to make ruling easier in post-Heritage America
Scenario 3: Heritage America is About to Rise
This scenario is the flipside to the first one. Rather than fearing what antifa and BLM may do, if they ever get real power, the Establishment now fears Heritage America and are suppressing their troops in hopes of appeasing Heritage America just enough for the elites to get some heat off themselves
I am unsure which of the three scenarios is closest to the truth



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