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A little history trivia,

When Hitler's NSDAP finally came to power in 1933, he closed off all new membership for two straight years.

Why? Because he wanted to eliminate the sudden influx of bandwagon jumpers who never supported the NSDAP before their victory. He didn't want the NSDAP to be overcome by false adherents and fake Party members.

Really think about this fact.

( @leafz )
@Nature_and_Race Interesting, never heard about that before...Hitler was a wise man...

Thanks for all your work at bringing Truth to the light, for all to see...

( @hey_jupiter9 )
@Nature_and_Race Hitler was a genius and had a good heart.

( @AngloOrion )
@Nature_and_Race 11th hour fascists should be made to sweep the floor. Pierce called these the trendy types. But in reality they're the weak sheep.

( @288 )
@Nature_and_Race normies who are against nationalism (or x thing) today would be for it tomorrow if it became the dominant ideology, and tell everyone how they always thought this all along

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@Nature_and_Race Hitler was a genius! o/

( @Charlesalb777 )
@Nature_and_Race That's why Gestapo was created, to take action against internal threats, traitors, fake National Socialists

( @eternalfreedom )
@Nature_and_Race I have stated before I plan to
do the same.

Imagine these soy boy showing up

"Heil Hitler, friend"

We don't want you or need you if you come at the end.

( @Group4 )
@Nature_and_Race Which is why I am VERY reluctant to "jump" on the bandwagon of some of the more "popular" WN's here.

( @Redneck_Publius )
@Nature_and_Race Nonetheless, false adherents did slip in. The Gestapo focused on dissidents and other internal threats to the NSDAP, which included Ernst Röhm, who was an original party leader.

( @ToyotaZZchad )
@Nature_and_Race didn't know that. And from a few comments too I'm after reading I understand why. IRL activist groups have it right to only gather the best of the best and loyal followers. You don't need everyone and anyone joining, once you're in power and have good will many will follow you. All it takes is less than 18 good men to influence an entire group of people.

( @romanse )
@Nature_and_Race jew is ALWAYS on BOTH sides collecting names and info and cross talk traitoring for control



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