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[Translated from "Qu’est-ce que le cosmopolitisme ?" - "What's Cosmopolitanism?"]

"Cosmopolitan", which means "world citizen"[…]is by itself a subreption because every city imply an inside and an outside, an inclusion-exclusion relationship[…]{b]The so-called "cosmopolitan" can't be world citizen, he's citizen from nothing and he claims the world only to deny his duties to the city[…]
By inventing the city, the Greeks gave to patriotism its purest and most exigeant form[…]
Cosmopolitanism is one of the facets of the egalitarian utopia, the anarchistic and carnavalesque version[…]
A Cosmopolitan is a foreigner in his own city. He's also "foreign to himself", as per Julia Kristeva[…]
For this radical Cosmopolitanism, one can become free only though freeing oneself from traditions[…]True humanism[…]know freedom comes from identity[…]
World should be considered as the city of every man, and reject peculiar identity establishing barrers inside mankind. But, as we told, the city can't exist without borders[…]
There is thus an organic link between "cynical" immporality of Cosmopolitan ideology of the world superclass[…]and the Immigrationnism which is the Alpha and the Omega of the globalist speech

We shouldn't be surprised the world superclass worships the degenerate non-art absuively described as contemporary art[…]{b]Degenerate non-art, termed "contemporary art", is a vector of Cosmopolitanism. It subverts the sense of beauty, oppose traditions and has nor estriction when attacking artistic patromony, as shwon on 2008 by Jeff Koons in Versailles



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