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Now, maybe all this is a dream I had... I've worked for Adult Day Training facilities (or laymen's terms, schools for the mentally challenged, i.e., retarded people) and group homes. Some of these people had notes right in their files signed by M.D.s saying they were not mentally competent enough to vote. Yet, low and behold, somehow they were all able to participate in elections! For those people with the mentality of a 6 month old, well, some of the office staff were nice enough to fill in the ballots for these people, provided by the local Supervisor of Elections. Imagine that. Considering the director was a big supporter of the G.O.P., well...you figure it out. At many nursing homes all across the country, there are people who don't know what planet they're on anymore...yet somehow these people know how to fill out an absentee ballot (and by that I mean, some CNA or Nurse fills it out). There are thousands of group homes, nursing homes, ADTs all across the country. Lather, rinse, repeat...and you have a lot of voter fraud going on in every election! And granted, requiring photo I.D.s may not actually be a deterrent in these cases, but it might help stop others.



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