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This theory is alternative to all other theories on the creation of the universe and our species; it is a theory which is completely unique. James Macleod got abused by remote mind control technology for over 30,000 hours and learnt that a matrix computer system exists as a result of his abusers making him aware of the computer system!

The alien operation theory states that we are intelligently designed and artificially intelligent, and that our intelligence is given to us by a matrix computer system. The theory goes on to state that all species great and small are regulated by a matrix computer system and are therefore intelligently designed and artificially intelligent. The theory also states that every star is a piece of technology and all stars are actively fuelled to omit heat and light! Beyond this the alien operation Theory states that planet Earth is flying technology and it is programmed to fly in its exact present position, The alien operation theory states that all planets are technology and actively programmed to fly in their exact present and current positions.

'If you read through this website you will be able to familiarise yourself with our beliefs and opinions, we have made many discoveries which remain unknown by global mass public minds.'

Alternative Theory

The alien operation theory is completely alternative from all other theories as it states a matrix computer system exists which enables us to have a regulated heartbeat, it also allows us to have conscious thought and it gives us vision! The theory is completely unique and James Macleod swears by it, he is certain a matrix computer system exists and is the reason we display and show intelligence!

In the west most people believe we evolved from parasites and that the universe created our planet from an explosion. James Macleod finds this theory of the human species evolving implausible and impossible; James Macleod also knows the big bang theory is ridiculous and implausible and not least impossible.

Many people believe in a god and the official alien operation theory is similar, however it states that evolutionary being (s) created the planets, stars and species in the universe, meaning that there could be multiple Gods. Also James Macleod states that the matrix computer system created thousands of ancient breeding programs (religions) on our planet and deceived religious founders by claiming to be God, when in fact it was extra-intelligent matrix mind control software.



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