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Alien descent is not understood by governess or general public media readers, in the beginning of time, came about a solution and all factual science relates to descent, as people grow in figure, aliens arrived, rather than aliens planted us. The world is built out of dark matter (heavy matter), to describe the planet as non-built is misdescription of who we are or what the world is as a unit. The world is combined with electricity, which appears to be able to transfer into matter which combines in pattern form.

People have been known to disappear and reappear for centuries (records go back to the 1300’s), sometimes these people never reappear, the fact is that our bodies are combined with electrical fluid (molecules) and physical electrical cells which engage and grow. This means that transfers of our bodies can be done, by allowing electrical cells to be copied and traced, this allow us to see that our masses as a species are created and the world is created as well.
The Jehovah Church used a regime of trying to end the world, and only save its flock, this still goes on to this day, and nearly 90% of Jehovah staff who are trying to end the world since its inception as a non-faith have gone missing through attacks it made against the entire world. It seems people who define psychopath tendencies or paedophile in nature, are the people through wars who end up missing or dead across the world. This indicates that the world is a breeding program, and that if you affect mother natures (goddess’s or god’s) breeding program then there’s a good chance you will end up dead and consumed for an edible purpose.

James Macleod #ufo #conspiracy #crackpot alienoperation.org

​The meaning of life by James Macleod:

​The universal planetary system was built to farm livestock and as we are on one of the planets from within the universal planetary system, it is in your benefit to understand that we are being farmed. Most people are so subdued that they can’t see that we are living on a created mass of highly advanced flying technology; most people just feel that we are here as a result of a big bang. We are not here as a result of a big bang, we are here because evolutionary life needs to eat in order to survive and as a result of evolutionary life needing to eat we have been created to eventually one day be digested.

Trying to awaken people out of their heavily subdued states of minds is almost impossible and I don’t feel until the day comes in which we are harvested that there will ever be a commercial value to understand our true purpose. All people are purposely misled into believing into fictional theories about our existence, and everybody is programmed from a matrix computer system to believe our purpose is not to be livestock in some kind of mega farm. The sad thing about this is that even if people were to wake up to the reality of our existence, there is nothing we can do to fight the breeding program we find ourselves in.

We are an artificially intelligent species and while you probably don’t know that, nor do you believe we are artificially intelligent the reason we behave like we do is because we are programmed to behave like this. I am aware of our purpose and the fact that we are of course artificially intelligent and the reason I am aware of this is because I have been programmed to become aware of this fact. If you support a particular sports club, you are programmed to support that particular sports club and everybody is programmed to be exactly as they all are across the entire globe. Nothing on this planet is a coincidence and I am hoping that you can appreciate that we are here to provide food to evolutionary living beings and for no other purpose other than to be cultivated at all.

James Macleod #ufo #conspiracy #crackpot alienoperation.org


This theory is alternative to all other theories on the creation of the universe and our species; it is a theory which is completely unique. James Macleod got abused by remote mind control technology for over 30,000 hours and learnt that a matrix computer system exists as a result of his abusers making him aware of the computer system!

The alien operation theory states that we are intelligently designed and artificially intelligent, and that our intelligence is given to us by a matrix computer system. The theory goes on to state that all species great and small are regulated by a matrix computer system and are therefore intelligently designed and artificially intelligent. The theory also states that every star is a piece of technology and all stars are actively fuelled to omit heat and light! Beyond this the alien operation Theory states that planet Earth is flying technology and it is programmed to fly in its exact present position, The alien operation theory states that all planets are technology and actively programmed to fly in their exact present and current positions.

'If you read through this website you will be able to familiarise yourself with our beliefs and opinions, we have made many discoveries which remain unknown by global mass public minds.'

Alternative Theory

The alien operation theory is completely alternative from all other theories as it states a matrix computer system exists which enables us to have a regulated heartbeat, it also allows us to have conscious thought and it gives us vision! The theory is completely unique and James Macleod swears by it, he is certain a matrix computer system exists and is the reason we display and show intelligence!

In the west most people believe we evolved from parasites and that the universe created our planet from an explosion. James Macleod finds this theory of the human species evolving implausible and impossible; James Macleod also knows the big bang theory is ridiculous and implausible and not least impossible.

Many people believe in a god and the official alien operation theory is similar, however it states that evolutionary being (s) created the planets, stars and species in the universe, meaning that there could be multiple Gods. Also James Macleod states that the matrix computer system created thousands of ancient breeding programs (religions) on our planet and deceived religious founders by claiming to be God, when in fact it was extra-intelligent matrix mind control software.