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You'll notice that species adapt to their environment after awhile and other sorts of things from the genetic code they have built in them. In the garden of eden, do you think there were 2 million? of course not. Tazmanian devil won't accept that Biblical account of course. As can't see it. But can see earth billions of years ago apparently and watched the first primitive cell arise and evolve. Well of course he didn't. He's just been told this false theory at school. 2 dimensonal earth? does he know God does thing in 3 dimensions? Your genetic code proves that. Did he tell you that under the bottom skin of a snake there are tiny tiny legs? written up in it's genetic code, that do no good to the snake? But why? natural selection some how thinks and keeps the good parts and disregards the bad parts? some unexplainable evolution? or the fact that when God told the devil in the form of snake that he would crawl on his belly he lost his legs? Believe God, not Tazmanian devil, for the Devil has no mercy on your uneducated soul.



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