cdandrews09 #fundie

You are spot on ButterPirate! Don't worry, they all ganged up on me, too. Called me names, bigot being an all-time favorite. This is typical of this type of "anything goes crowd". They resort to name-calling and spewing hate, the very thing they accuse those who don't agree with homosexuality of being.

Homosexuality is not natural, even in the animal kingdom. Penises are made to work with vaginas. It is the only way the human race procreates, even if it's a test tube baby you need sperm and egg. After all, isn't one of a species main purpose to survive and reproduce? According to Darwin's survival of the fittest, where only species that exhibit survivable traits, maybe homosexuality is a way of weeding out the bad genes. No, I'm not saying that out of hate. And I don't believe in Darwinian evolution. I'm only exposing the ludicrousity of the argument that homosexuality is natural bc animals do it.



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