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[From "If You Don’t Shame Sluts, You Will End Up with a Slut Overload"]

A novel male feminist argument that I have seen popping up recently in defense of sluts is that “women don’t have agency,” and thus cannot be held responsible for their behavior, whatever it is. The theory then goes that men are responsible for all female behavior, because men do have “agency.”

Let’s first make sure we understand our terms.

What do they mean when they speak of “agency”?

They are talking about the philosophical concept of “moral agency” or “human agency.”


If women “don’t have agency,” then the argument is that all women are literally mindless, soulless automatons, who are incapable of engaging in free will choice.

It follows then that the behavior of women, and the actions that they do take, are based entirely on external factors, as they do not have any internal capacity for decision making.

The logical conclusion from this line of reasoning is that men need to build a structured society wherein there are solid incentives for women to behave in certain ways. This would involve both positive and negative reinforcement.

So we must ask: what behaviors do we want to encourage from women, and which do we want to discourage?

Presumably, we all have a similar idea about this.

Good female behavior:
• Modesty
• Marriage at a young age
• Producing many children
• Obeying husband
• Staying loyal to husband

Bad female behavior:
• Sluttiness
• Refusing marriage in favor of seeking “adventure” and a career
• Refusing to produce children, taking birth control, having abortions
• Marrying in late twenties or early thirties
• Getting a divorce

Currently, the government and the media are the only groups which are able to offer most incentives to women.

However, there is one form of negative reinforcement that we can all engage in and that is “slut-shaming.”


I do not think that any of us want a society full of sluts, and thus I think we should all be able to agree on the fact that we should shame sluts by calling them out as sluts.

This will make women feel bad. That is the point of negative reinforcement. It is used to make an example of women who engage in bad behavior so that other women will not engage in that behavior.

The problem is that neo-Nazis and other male feminists, being agents of women, will always work to remove any and all consequences for the behavior of women, so that women are able to do whatever they want without facing any consequences.



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