Leucosticte #sexist rape.su

[OP of "Women are not human"]

What raised us above the beasts is the stuff humans are able to do, that animals, including women, can't.

Civilization wasn't created by sucking dicks. It was created by manly ingenuity and determination. These are male characteristics.

Since the traits that set us apart from animals are possessed only by the man, that means women are subhuman and should be treated as such. Their inferiority carries over into all realms of decision-making that, if they were allowed to have power and autonomy, would destroy civilization as we know it, and in fact will do so unless a check is put on it.

What isn't human is incapable of taking care of itself, except at a very base level of existence, if that. A woman could even be considered sub-animal in some ways, in that she would not have the kind of strength or cunning that would enable certain animal species to survive without human help.



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