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I think that the age of consent in all countries should be 5, with sex ed starting at 3 and continuing up to then. Up until 5 years old no actual penetration would be allowed (including anal), but little girls under 5 could give blowjobs and get their tiny little pussies rubbed.

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Whites who aren't afraid of Biden's victory are kinda like Jim Jones cult members.

In what way?

They don't feel threatened because they are white liberals, and thus they feel that their own existence is a crime and want to be killed by niggers. Like Jim Jones cult members, they don't fear death but welcome it because for them the existence of whites is unacceptable. So what they're saying by claiming "I am a white who is not threatened by Joe Biden's victory" is akin to a Jim Jones cult member saying "I am not threatened by drinking poison, I know I will go to heaven".

But not all whites are insane as they are. .

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Trump has to stay in power. The Democratic Party of the 2020 combines the worst aspects of Nazi Germany, namely extreme racism and intolerance towards opposition (the only difference that this racism is now against whites) and Soviet Union, namely hostility towards small business. It would be a disaster if these people came to power. If Trump does lose the election he should immediately declare a dictatorship, which would enable him to mercilessly crush the left and set the stage for a peaceful partition of the US once he steps down. If I were Trump I'd just start a dictatorship after Nov 3 in any case and start a war against the left on the streets, since army would be on my side. I would not stop this war before I exterminated all of them.