Inceljoe #sexist

Oh my god, another cuck cucked, my fucking Chadlord at it again

Another fucking story starring my Chad landlord.

This friday, he brought home another fucking slut go bang.

This night, she logs into messenger on this phone. She forgets to log out.

Today, she goes home.

He is still logged into her messenger.

Suddently, he gets a notification, someone wrote to her.

He takes a look.

Its her boyfriend, writing: "hello love, I heard u got thrown in the drunk tank this night", "that is what i knew would happen when I saw all the beers you should drink yesterday!".


Following that, he writes tons of: "<3"s and shit.

This is just amazing.

Watching the world from Chads eyes, its a whole different universe. These Chads are cucking guys nonstop, and the girls are always telling lies to their boyfriends.

This is a fucking epidemic at this point, its all over the west, literally everywhere, every girl in a relationship is cucking her man.

Amazing, just amazing.



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