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Friedrich Engels Introduced Darwin to Karl Marx and Changed the World


Friedrich Engels was in some ways as important as Marx in helping to establish the revolution called Marxism (Communism) that has changed the world. It was Engels who brought Darwinism into Marx’s life and the socialist/communist movement. His role, and the influence of Darwinism, were both important, although Darwinism is a more important part of the radical-left movement today than in the days of Marx. The contribution of both Engels and Marx were intertwined; thus Engels’ work cannot be discussed without covering the contribution of his close co-worker, Karl Marx.

* Abstract
* Introduction
* Friedrich Engels Meets Karl Marx
* Materialism and Darwinism
* The Need to Eliminate God
* Marx: From “Christian” to Darwinist
* Conflict and Struggle Incorporated into Marx’s and Engel’s Bible
* Friedrich Engels’ Role in the Darwinian and Communist Revolutions
* Other Socialists Led by Darwin
* Engel’s and Marx’s Ideas Inspire Scores of Books
* The Importance of Human-Ape Ancestry in Marxism
* The Influence of Pierre Trémaux on Engels and Marx
* Engels Influenced Lenin and Mao Zedong
* Summary
* References

Keywords: Friedrich Engels, Karl Marx, Darwin, Communism, Marxism, Atheism, Christianity, Hitler, Lenin, Virchow, Thomas H. Huxley, Hugo de Vries, Lamarckian, Karl Kautsky, Paul Lafargue



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