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[ quote from 2015 on a 14 year old molesting his 5 year old siblings ]

I have to say I find this histerical mob-frenzy against a horney 14 year old who made a stupid mistake 12 years ago disgusting.

He was 14 FFS, a child, and he's being attacked for it now so viciously only because he's a prominent christian. And last time I looked, being a christian wasn't a crime.

This is nasty, nasty stuff, and it gives athiests a bad reputation. Not in my name thanks!

As for the post, as a parent of two girls and a victim of childhood sexual abuse I can confidently say that if I had a son who admitted to touching one of them I'd be devistated and I don't know what I'd do. But I do know I'd still love him, and bringing in the authorities would probably be the last thing I would do, and then only as a last resort if I believed his behaviour could not otherwise be controlled.

Frankly, the way the Duggar's dealt with it seems to me to be well within the boundaries of what a reasonable parent might have done. I personally would have ensured the councelling was far more professional, but in general terms they dealt with an incredibly difficult situation, and to all appearences seem to have done so successfully.



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