Pastor Greg Locke #dunning-kruger #quack

Greg Locke: I’m saying the sickness is real. I’m saying the pandemic is not.

Elle Reeve: I don’t understand what you mean when you say “pandemic’s not real.”

Locke: ...The pandemic is not real.

Reeve: But what do you think a pandemic is?

Locke: Not… Not COVID-19.

Reeve: But what do you think a pandemic is?

Locke: It is no pandemic.

Publicist (offscreen): I think we’ve stuck on the pandemic question too many times.

Reeve: Well, why can’t you answer it?

Locke: It’s ridiculous… I did. There’s no pandemic! COVID-19 is not a pandemic.

Reeve: But what would a pandemic… But what is a pandemic then?

Locke: Not what we’re experiencing. I’m 44 years old. We’ve not had one in my lifetime, so I don’t know. And this is not it.



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