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The issue of levitation....does not pertain to just what 'illusionists' like Copperfield, Criss Angel, etc. do. There are those in the 3rd world countries that have been doing legitimate acts of levitation for milleniums. It's part of how they make converts to their religion.

Here's a couple more examples:

How does one think that witchdoctors and shamans get a following in the tribe(s) to begin with? Answer: Because their magic works and the people fear them. Voodoo actually works and a lot of people are very fearful of incurring the wrath of the witchdoctor/shamans who can and do exercise totalitarian dictatorship over the whole tribe including the chiefs.

Here is another one, from the Orient.

During the coming tribulation, the last seven years of the world, atheism and agnosticim will become extinct for the whole would will be filled with supernatural much so that to deny the existence of the supernatural will bring instant rejection and ridicule.



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