Infinite I #conspiracy

Ive encountered inscetoid type beings after smoking dmt. At first I met these gorgeous teenage female space pixies, they were unbeleivably stunning and it pleased them that I found them so beautiful. After they filled me with love I kind of mind melded with them, then I agreed to go with them.

I went down this tunnel and all of a sudden was at this sort of space station, there was lots of activity down below, could have been inscectoids, seemed that way tbh. I couldnt understand how I was in space and I could breath lol

Then all of a sudden this tall alien cow thingy with leather type hands and was furry appeared, it had a long thin chin and fat oblong head with little black eyes, again could have been inscectoid tbh

He put these strands through my head as if they came out his fingers, it was as if I could see and feel this from another point while it was all happening. I got a bit nervous then from behind I sensed the pixies filling me with their love to put me at ease and let me do what this thing was doing.

He then finished and it was as if I was on this production line of sorts but I was standing and when he finished I like moved up the line, then this machine came out with lazres and shit and seemed to add to the starnds that were already in my brain, this felt kinda strange then again the pixies put me at ease with their love.

While this was going on, again it was as if I could see this going on from another point, like I could see these strands going into my brain. While this was happening I could feel a definite inscet presence gnawing at the side of me as if it was feeding off me, but with its gnawing it felt like it was making me ejaculate continously throughout every pour of my body, was a total beingasm.

It was making me feel a bit strange as you could imagine, all the time this machine was continuing fucking with my head, then again when I was wary the pixies tried to reassure me, well their presence, this got too strange, was as if maybe the sexual gnawing and the pixies were diverting my attention as they put these strands in my head.

I then pulled back as I didnt weant it to continue, like too much was going on at once, and I didnt know what the hell was going on really. I then came back through these tuneels and seemingly metal sliding doors, going backwards then I found myself dpownwards in space as if at the edge of a space station and there was like a space pod thing attatched to it with a humanoid type thing standing next to it on a platform, It might have been waving im not sure.

I then opened my eyes and was back in my mates livingroom and there was like a metal clik 4 times in my throat then 4 times in my chest, quite quickly after id opened my eyes, back here.

I was convinced I had been implanted by them and ive read many accounts since of people being implanted by the insectoids. A psychic told me I had indeed been implanted, 6 months later, not only that time but four other times. One was to track me when I reentred hyperspace, another was hinder my psychic abilities and another two would mess up my auric field. they werent too bad I was told, but I was to ask the earth angels to remove them which I did oviously.

Definite inscetoids in that trip, thing is its so far beyond our concepts we have no idea what their agenda is, Id love to know more!



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