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( furyosa )
Richard Dawkins Q&A | Can a woman become a man and a man become a woman?
Richard Dawkins answers various questions in this video.

At 42:07 he answers the question "Can a woman become a man and a man become a woman?"

His answer: "No, of course not".

( Agrimonium )
I want to go back to talking about transgenderism like this tbh. No complex explanations, just "of course that's not a real thing" and then move on.

( TheKnitta )
The very basis of it all really is that simple, isn’t it? All the rest is just noise to obfuscate.

( OwnLyingEyes )
The entire bulk of the rest is men who refuse to take no for an answer trying to equivocate that 'no' into a 'yes' (and too many women supporting that attempt, for that matter).

( questioningtw )
IKR. I can't believe we are seriously debating in 2023 on what a man and a woman is.

( Moonflower )
This is great. It’s been incredibly disappointing how so many of the “new atheism” folks I used to look up to in the early/mid 2000’s (like PZ Myers and Hemant Mehta) are now throwing their support behind gender ideology without subjecting it to the same level of criticism or question they used to aim at religious belief. Dawkins was one of the clearest voices among them, and it’s refreshing to see how he just isn’t having any of it.

( sevenfatesforetold )
Gender ideology is the new religion and anyone who carries water for it are its priests



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