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Obama’s Immigration Policy Explained

If the Regime’s immigration policy makes no sense to you, give some thought to its objectives. Allan Wall helps to clarify matters[...]

Sounds like Obama et al. refuse to enforce immigration law because they want everyone to live in America. But no, not everyone:

Eric “My People” Holder’s Department of Justice (DOJ) is actively working to deport a German family who had already been granted refugee asylum status.

It’s not an oversight. It’s not a technicality. Eric Holder’s DOJ has gone out of its way to get this family deported.

The reference is to the Romeike family, political refugees from Germany, who are attempting to escape Hitler-era laws against homeschooling.

Granted no Democrat favors children escaping the indoctrination of government schools, but does anyone think the Social Justice Department would launch a jihad to deport a family back to Mexico for wanting to home school?

Demography is destiny. Singapore and the Central African Republic have almost exactly the same number of people. Per capita income in the former is $61,046; in the latter it is $767. Would anyone deny that if the populations were switched, with everyone in Singapore moving to the central African hellhole and vice versa, within a few years Singapore would be a poor, savage country and the Central African Republic a rich one?

As promised, America is being fundamentally transformed. This transformation is permanent. It is being achieved by displacing the majority population with those of Third World heritage who do not share our work ethic or respect for individual rights and responsibilities. If they shared our values, there would be no need to import them, nor would there be any need for them to leave their own countries, which would be fine places to live if not for the dysfunctional cultures our government is paying welfare colonists to bring with them.

We are witnessing the deliberate obliteration of the greatest nation in history. Those responsible have used their control of the media and education establishments to get so far into our heads that I will be condemned as a “racist” for calling attention to their race-based designs.



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