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Let's start with a reasonable disclaimer before entering the description of the kingdom repeatedly promised by scripture to arrive with the return of Christ. Science is not intrinsically bad, it has untold befits for mankind and it will until the return of the Lord.

It is human pride that spoils science. Man discovers a few of the elements and facts of God's creation, but forgets, or in most cases, simply refuses to acknowledge God. Rather the new found knowledge builds their own ego, reputation, grant and funding powers and general prestige among their peers and the public. Little wonder the godless of this world are referred to as the children of pride. (Job 41 34) Unfortunately the father of the children of pride just happens to be the god of this world, otherwise known as Satan.

We are reminded that those touting the importance of a high IQ are the same people who don't even acknowledge that Satan exists. Since he is the one guiding their secular world in total (Lk 4: 5, 6) just how smart is that. When you are laboring under a worldwide pervasive deception under the 'father of lies' (Jn 8: 44) a high IQ doesn't count for much of anything.

The everything from nothing evolutionists and the Gene Rodenberry crowd that fantasizes 'warp speed' to overcome the mind boggling distances in space may think they are brilliant, but it is more the case of their being rocketed on their way by pride and secularism's best rant, with little chance of a return trip without a major catharsis to turn them around. Momentum is powerful, but it is hardly wisdom.

Here is a bit of wisdom. This conclusion is entirely accurate and scripturally sound although it is unlikely to be believed by today's high IQs and prideful secularists. Scientists are both welcome in the millennial kingdom and beyond and they will be as honored and welcomed there – but their profession will not be needed, at all!



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