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The blundering idiots who are supposed to be responsible for the safeguarding of Britain's and Europe's borders have been knapping too long: the hoardes are already here. At least I will grant you that you are correct in one thing: every action has a reaction. You cannot expect our sacred lands to be flooded by millions upon millions of aliens who have no place in Europe and presume that the native populations-those who at least give a fuck, to just sit back and watch whilst their lands are invaded, their resources plundered and their women raped. Instead of watching 70s propaganda popumentaries such as The World at War (bloody awful biased television when I saw it in 1973-it does not get better with age) and romantising about an invasion that never happened (and Hitler never intended) YOU HAVE A REAL ONE RIGHT HERE AND UNDER YOUR PRIVILEGED NOSES!

The spirit of resistance, the flames of rebellion have been lit in sacred Europa-not the Europe of the zionist-marxist European Union but the Europe of Aryan blood and Aryan culture and that Widerstand will arise from the unspoiled blood of the awakened Einheriar, not the privileged and spoiled hooray Henry elite who earn a small fortune from their overpaid positions and then bleat about a situation that they did nothing to prevent when they had the power to do so!

The Wolfhook arises and the Black Sun will dawn in the folksoul of the European Aryan race as the old order in Europa collapses-the harlot of Babylon.



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