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State broadcaster YLE had a DATING PROGRAM WITH AN INTENTION TO MOVE TO FINLAND AND MARRY. It was exclusively for Finnish beautiful women and exclusively for men from the United States of America. It is widely known here that almost all the Finnish-anglophonecountry couples already are Finnish woman, anglophone man couples. For example, no foreign citizenship nationality in Finland is more heavily male-majority than British men, while in the UK lives many times more Finnish women than Finnish men. The same phenomenon is with the Irish, Australians and of course with the men from the USA.

THIS TV PROGRAM CAN BE DIRECTLY COMPARED TO (HYPOTHETICAL OF COURSE) PROGRAM TO IMPORT THAI WIFES AND FIND THEM FINNISH HUSBANDS. IT IS 100% CLEAR TO EVERYONE THAT THIS KIND OF PROGRAM WHERE THAI WOMEN WOULD BE PAIRED WITH FINNISH MEN WOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO BE AIRED ON TV, NEVER. Thai-Finnish couples are almost always Finnish man, Thai woman couples. If YLE made a similar program with Thailand, it would 100% without a doubt be exclusively for Thai men and Finnish women, because of the law demanding that YLE promote "diversity". But they disregarded this principle of theirs when they could increase the suffering of Finnish men further and import loads of additional American Chads here.

They are also basically dating reality-TV programs. They use Tinder, go to dates with local men etc. This is shown in the program and PROMOTED AND ADVERTISED. Latest season ended recently and it had 4 women and 1 man. All the other seasons had only women that taxpayer-incels paid to go fuck Canadian, Australian, New Zealander etc. chads.



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